Jackson Pollock

After working on the Palette Series, Weingarten was drawn to the small studio on the banks of the Accabonac Creek near East Hampton, New York. This site was the home and working studio of Jackson Pollock and his wife and fellow artist Lee Krasner. The art that was created there is known as some of the most influential work in the Abstract Expressionist movement.

After the death of Pollock and Krasner this historic property was bequeathed to the Stony Brook Foundation. Upon their examination of the existing floors, they found when removing the first layer of masonite the remaining under-flooring (of both the house and barn studios) revealed a heavy residue from the dynamic painting style of Jackson Pollock. Later it was found that the spattered paint could actually be identified with specific works of art, connecting the color and type of paint used on the artwork to the paint on the floor.

Weingarten saw this environment as a perfect extension to the Pallet Series he had been working on for several years. He was granted rare permission from the foundation's curator to have personal access to the property solely for creating this body of work.

Jackson Pollock 1Jackson Pollock #1

Jackson Pollock 2Jackson Pollock #2

Jackson Pollock 3Jackson Pollock #3

Jackson Pollock 4Jackson Pollock #4

Jackson Pollock 5Jackson Pollock #5

Jackson Pollock 6Jackson Pollock #6